Blue Lion Overview

Whether your goal is to enhance communication, build consensus on a specific topic, or resolve conflict involving individuals and/or groups, this site offers a road map for achieving more satisfying, less costly, and more durable outcomes.

We do this by promulgating a Preferred Path that you can apply unilaterally, with no cooperation from “the other side”. Or, you can use this site with other individuals and groups as a common guide and point of reference.

The six Steps on the Preferred Path can be group into beginning, middle, and last resort phases.

  • Steps 1 and 2 are the preparation steps, reviewing what you already know and making a plan to collect new information.
  • Steps 3 and 4 are the engagement steps: listening and speaking directly with another person or group, with the option of facilitation or mediation by mutually agreeable third party if that is needed.
  • Steps 5 and 6 are for decisions by higher authorities, and a range of other actions that may be taken if the matter is not resolved through the first five steps.

While you can “loop forward” at any time, experience suggests it’s best to follow the steps in order.

So, why might you need these steps? What is broken that needs fixing?

For answers to these and other questions see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or click Home to find help you can begin using right now.