What is the mission of  Blue Lion Conflict Solutions?

Using best practice principles from the behavioral sciences, Blue Lion Conflict Solutions offers web tools, courses, and convening services to help you:

  1. Enhance communication;
  2. Build consensus on specific topics; and
  3. Resolve conflicts involving individuals and/or groups.

How does it work?

This website offers guidance in following a Preferred Path that helps bring order to situations that are often chaotic.  Any person can follow the Preferred Path Steps unilaterally (without cooperation of the “other side”). Or, parties can take the steps together.

What if I need help with a case?

Click Convening for professional help in bringing parties together for a collaborative solution.

What courses are offered?

Blue Lion offers a complete menu of educational and skill building courses that can be used locally.  Click Education and Training to learn more.

Can this site be used to prevent disputes?

Yes. You can integrate the Preferred Path into organizational policies and procedures. This helps parties resolve issues early, instead of ignoring or avoiding problems that might lead to greater cost later on. To learn more, click Systems Integration.

How can I learn more?

See FAQ or contact us directly.