Performance evaluations. Interdepartmental conflicts. Complaints about products and services. Mergers and acquisitions. Cultural differences. Violations of legally protected rights. Strategic planning challenges.

Following the steps of the Preferred Path can help in all of these circumstances. “Unbundling” the  issue can lead to outcomes that would be unavailable to you otherwise.

You can follow the steps of the Preferred Path unilaterally, as a guide to your own thinking and behavior, without the cooperation of anyone.

Or, you and others can use this site as a common point of reference in working through issues together.

Beginning with Step 1 Prepare, click on each step and follow the guidance as you go. While you can “loop forward” at any time, experience suggests it’s best to follow the steps in order.

Click Convening if you’d like us to help you bring two or more parties together for a collaborative solution.

NOTE: The model presented on this website is not intended to substitute for legal advice and/or representation, nor to replace prescribed procedures, policies and other requirements that may regulate issue resolution in your workplace.