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Blue Lion Training

Blue Lion Conflict Solutions provides education and skills training to support collaborative resolution of issues in business, family, and other settings.  All courses are available in e-learning/webinar and classroom versions, including train-the-trainer options for enterprise-wide roll out. For information on customizing these courses for all employees, managers, and specialists, as we have done successfully for companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Shell North America, Delta Air Lines, and others, contact us to speak with a member of our training team.

Blue Lion MAP Training

Designed for all employees, from the boiler room to the board room, this course is based on the premise that every complaint – internal as well as external – represents a high stakes event with the potential to make or break a business relationship. Solve a customer’s or co-worker’s problem well, and you strengthen the long-term relationship. Using a model tested in numerous settings, from health care to manufacturing to international war zones, the Blue Lion MAP model is memorable and applicable “in the moment”. Based on an abbreviated version of proven negotiation and mediation principles, this course uses experiential learning to equip participants for turning conflicts and complaints into solved problems.

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Blue Lion Negotiation Skills Training

This course equips participants with essential tools for successfully negotiating the resolution of disputes and other challenges in a variety of interpersonal, group, community, and international settings. Participants will learn to: understand influence and conflict resolution strategies; identify interests, issues, and positions of the parties; analyze opposing party and constituency circumstances that affect the negotiation; and implement strategies that can be customized to address varied situations.  The course provides opportunities for students to develop practical skills through “improv” practice using a five-step model that is the central focus of the course.

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Blue Lion Mediation Skills Training

This course equips participants with skills for offering mediation to assist two or more parties in reaching agreement on a course of action, manage a conflict, or resolve a dispute. Building on an understanding of mediation methods that have appeared in history and in many cultures, students will review and critique modern methods, and have an opportunity to practice a generic model that can be customized to fit organizational, community and family topics. Exploration of ethics and professional practice topics will equip students to use mediation skills to help parties control costs and increase satisfaction in dispute situations.

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40 Hour Professional Certificate

Successfully completing both Negotiation and Mediation Skills qualifies a participant for 40 Hour Certification that meets requirements for court-ordered mediation (Section 154 of the Texas Civil Procedures and Remedies Code: “to qualify for an appointment as an impartial third party under this subchapter a person must have completed a minimum of 40 classroom hours of training in dispute resolution techniques in a course conducted by an alternative dispute resolution system or other dispute resolution organization approved by the court making the appointment.” )

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Blue Lion Dispute Systems Design Training

The Dispute Systems Design (DSD)  course equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to assess current operations, and partner with others to design implement and evaluate a custom dispute resolution system (also known as an integrated conflict management system) in business, community, non-profit, and international settings. Participants will learn to apply DSD to help parties control the costs of conflict (money, people, opportunity) and enhance organizational effectiveness (benefiting employees, customers, partners, shareholders).


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